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Office Fitout

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Workplaces are changing and adapting to the needs of the modern business place. Cyclo can assist you in developing a solution for your business which is integrates the needs of your staff, business structure and importantly, your clients. 

Successful office fit outs are proven to improve staff morale, productivity and retention which in return deliver real results to your efficiencies on a day to day basis. Cyclo can assist you in weaving together the different aspects of your fitout into the perfect solution for you. We can manage all aspects of your project from design and certification through to the fitout and furniture.

Our process delivers the following key advantages to our clients: 

You have accurate costs from the first design – allowing you to make fast decisions and remain in complete control. 

  • We can give you 3-D renders for key components of your fitout – assisting you to make the right decisions and reducing the risk of amendments during the construction phase. 
  • We can set milestones and pencil in construction dates from the first design stage –potentially saving you months in progressing from the design to approval, then the construction phase. 
  • As we manage the whole process you don’t need to juggle the communications between, engineers, consultants, architects, local councils, builders, sub-contractors and furniture suppliers.

this is how we work:


Initially we ask a lot of questions. What do you need, how can we help you improve your business process and culture? What are the project and budget constraints? This may involve comparisons on properties and budget pricing on works prior to a lease being signed or key business decisions being made. This work is typically done for our clients at no charge


Project Feasibility Analysis 

We analyse the feasibility and come back to you with accurate budget figures and an initial design, taking into account all the relevant factors which include the site constraints, regulatory requirements and your needs from an aesthetic, operational and financial perspective. The fact that we do the building work ourselves and this is managed in house ensures that this feasibility is dead accurate and it is important to note that this initial design would be delivered for that price. There are no smoke-and-mirror tricks.


Draft Design and Quotation

Once the feasibility of a project has been ascertained we then proceed to submit drawings and firm proposals on your options. As we work towards the final solution our in-house design team can provide 3D renderings and real time cost impacts of any design changes which are talked through. We are continually proving with clients that the extra time spent in this design stage really pays off in reducing project changes once building has commenced. Our ability to provide quick and accurate 3-D Renderings allows you to make informed decisions in realistic scenarios without having to just imagine the result. It adds a third dimension to the closeness of communication we can reach with your requirements.


Construction Phase

The project then seamlessly moves to the approval and construction process – with no need for delays. In tight lead-time scenarios we could have construction booked in from the feasibility analysis stage. Each project is allocated a Site Project Manager who liaises directly with the client during construction phase and is responsible for WHS planning and day to day operations. A ‘Schedule of Works’ is provided at the outset of the project and clients are encouraged to attend regular Site Meetings.


Handover and Ongoing Support.

Once hand over is complete Cyclo are still there – to assist with any adjustments required, which are a normal part of any expanding and innovative business. Lifetime customer satisfaction is our aim without exception and this is born out by the fact that currently 53% of our custom is from pre-existing clients and another 27% is from recommendations by satisfied clients.


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