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Environmental & Safety Policies

Cyclo take our workplace safety and environmental responsibilities very seriously. We promote a culture of continuous improvement and all-staff involvement to ensure this is a day to day, living element of our culture.

Cyclo firmly believe that the safest way may not be the easiest way but it is always the only way to perform every task. The safer way is also often quicker and demonstrably delivers higher quality and improves job satisfaction for the whole team. 

We have also proved that in our industry – our dedication to improving our environmentally considerations has really paid off, most importantly a committal to recycling 99% of our project waste has delivered real cost savings.


Our current processes and control measures


  •  Environmental Management Plan – Overall 2017
  • Environmental Management Plan – Site Specific 2017
  • Noise and Vibration Management Plan 2017
  • Sediment and Erosion Control Plan 2017 
  • Traffic and Access Management Plan 2017 
  • Waste Management and Recycling Plan 2017 
  • WHS Policy 2017 
  • Permit to work procedure 2017 
  • Incident Investigative and Corrective Procedure Plan 2017
  • Plant and Maintenance Register 2017
  • Storage and Use of Substances Register 2017 
  •  WHS Training Manual and Records 2017 
  •  WHS Communication, Involvement and Committee Procedure 2017 
  •  Inspection and Test Plan, Design Works 2017
  •  Inspection and Test Plan, Building Works 2017 
  •  Quality Management Plan 2017


Safety Equipment for building site Cyclo