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The construction phase sees your project take shape and move closer to reality. We take charge and manage all processes, so you don’t have to. We pull together teams of quality sub-trades, built up over many years of operation, and align them with your goals.

At Cyclo we allocate a Site Project Manager to each commercial construction project. They liaise directly with you during the construction phase and are responsible for health and safety and all day-to-day operations. With multi-site projects across Australia, each site manager takes control to ensure engineers, architects, sub-contractors, trades, suppliers, regulatory bodies and certifying authorities work seamlessly to deliver this step without costly interruptions or unplanned downtime. Your dedicated Project Manager will keep you up to date while Cyclo’s experience makes it all happen.

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Construction streamlined

Cyclo has a solid reputation for managing construction projects in a way that avoids conflict or disputes leading to time delays. Our approach of maintaining total respect between all parties is important to us, and to you. Keeping your project firmly on track ensures timelines and budgets are met. We manage it all so you can open for business on schedule.

Handover and beyond

When we complete a construction project, handover takes place. But Cyclo is still there to assist with any adjustments required and to provide ongoing support if needed. We take pride in being available for every client from start to finish, and we aim to maintain mutually beneficial relationships indefinitely.

Our process

This is how we work:

You have accurate costs from the first design – allowing you to make fast decisions and remain in complete control.




Project feasibility analysis


Draft design and quotation


Construction phase




Handover and ongoing support

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