Construction in a building with tenants always presents some interesting challenges and this project was no exception. This project involved the design and fitout of a childcare centre in the ground floor of a multi-storey building. As is typical for renovations in an older building, extensive works were required to ensure the project met BCA requirements for a childcare facility. New ramps, fencing, doorways, acoustic walls and the creation of code-compliant food preparation were required.

This project was undertaken on a design-and-construction basis with Cyclo providing the design and engineering coordination for various elements, such as a feature awning over the entrance, an outdoor mezzanine-style play area above car parking, and extensive new openings in masonry walls to create the lovely light-filled facility which is now enjoyed by staff and children.

Established evergreen trees provide a beautiful shady background to the main outdoor play area and the whole landscape design was based around their retention and protection. The extensive landscaping and ramps provide an ideal back drop for the local early learning and day-care needs. Retaining walls, landscaping and play equipment construction were all coordinated and supplied by Cyclo.

Located in the southern Sydney region, this facility is approved for 105 children. Cyclo were involved in this project from the early stages providing feasibility budgeting and other professional advice.

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