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our commitment

 Cyclo are committed to delivering the best possible outcome for our Clients.

We know we can deliver real benefits to client’s business results and are committed to continue making this happen. Our approach to work saves clients’ money and ‘The Cyclo Process’ is all about integrity and transparency before, during and after the project. We work extensively with existing clients and recognise that their success is our future.

Cyclo are committed to creating and maintaining the best possible work environment.

Our work environments will be safe. Our work environments will be inclusive, protective and supportive in times of personal difficulty. Wherever possible we will assist staff in their self-improvement with in-house and external training.

WE're committed to improve the long term sustainability of our Environment.

We recycle and we look for more ways to recycle. We promote activity based working and other features in our design work to assist our clients in their resource and energy efficiency.

Cyclo are committed to support the community.

We actively support work placement of students in their Secondary Studies. We also support the Rapid Relief Team (RRT) who are an international charity. The Rapid Relief Team is a volunteer, not-for-profit organisation, set up to support local communities in times of need.

Cyclo are committed to continual improvement.

This applies to all staff and every day. Everyday, we are committed to becoming more perfectly aligned with our Company Values.