The use of plant walls- or vetical gardens in offices, medical practices and public spaces is gaining popularity and there’s some solid reason why this is the case. Here’s some of the reasons why:

  • They reinforce your offices ‘green’ credentials. Companies are realising that appearing to be an environmentally responsible player in their market space is critical to success. Living plants say this like nothing else to your staff, your customers and to the public.

  • They help your office, waiting room or reception area to look visually fantastic. Nature’s designs don’t go out of fashion and with many designs of plant walls and plants there is a wow factor available for every situation.

  • They don’t take up much space. With space being money in today’s world – plant walls are an ideal way to include plants without wasting valuable commercial space. Compared to traditional garden beds and pots they are much more amenable to using surfaces and locations which were previously underutilised.

  • Plants say that you care. Having living plants in your work space – whether in an office reception area, a doctors waiting room or a public space demonstrates that the owners or company is a caring organisation. More than just caring for the environment – its caring for customers, people and off course your staff.

  • They are proven to improve health for people working inside. There’s plenty of studies out there to prove this. They help people to feel happy and many plants have valuable air-purifying characteristics.

Cyclo can assist you in the use of plant walls in your project. They can be used as entry statements, reception or waiting area decoration, outdoor eating areas, and office dividing walls and in many other situations. The picture above shows an example above installed by Cyclo a few months ago. This design had an approximate cost of $3000 and a maintenance required of about 20 min per week. It was installed with an automatic watering system and includes the customer’s favourite herbs for use at lunchtimes.

We’ll keep you posted on what it looks like in a few months time!

A word of caution: 

Plant walls require maintenance – if someone doesn’t have the drive and time to do this or you don’t have room in the budget to have a second party maintain your plants we recommend you look at other options. A badly kept plant wall reflects poorly on your level of care – particularly if you operate in a care based industry, such as a veterinary clinic or medical practice.

Also, don’t be fooled into thinking artificial plants options are maintenance free option for your office or practice – because they still require cleaning and can work directly against many of the advantages outlined above. Artificial plants also take away from any sense of genuine green credentials and should only be used with caution.