When looking for a new childcare site you may need to look at renovating an existing building. If there are options for both renovation of an existing building and starting from scratch with a new building it is wise to compare costs on all scenarios. Depending on the age of a building, the type of construction and the previous use of the building, the cost of creating a compliant outcome could vary considerably. A reliable architect or a builder with design and construct capabilities who is familiar with the childcare industry will able be able to assist with this. While experienced childcare operators with multiple sites often have an accurate feel for this, it is still recommended to get advice at this stage. Costs comparisons should factor in the expected timing of both projects as this may have a signification impact on the opening date and ultimate return on investment for the owner.

Renovation may be the only option available to you in many locations, especially where you are considering setting up in an existing multiple-use building. When analysing viability of a site, it is important to consider all the compliance requirements which you are likely to encounter along the way. These will include disabled access, food preparation areas to the required standard, parking requirements, acoustic considerations for the neighbours, as well as provision of the required play and covered areas. It is very important to have an accurate estimate of requirements and the associated costs at this stage, otherwise the result could be a costly real estate purchase or lease for a project which later shows up as being unviable.

It is also highly recommended that you have a team in place which ensures the whole process comes together in a timely manner. Projects which move slowly and lack direction can end up being shelved due to a missed opening in the market or simply cost the investors significant amounts in lost revenue due to delayed outcomes.

Cyclo Group have experience at becoming involved at various stages of the project, from initial concepts and budgeting requirements through to delivery of fully specified outcomes. A degree of experience in the industry is required by the builder contracted due to specialised requirements of childcare construction. Small error or omissions are not only very awkward, but they can result in final certification and costly delays too the all-important opening date.