Cyclo is classified as an essential business.

If you have a new project we encourage you to reach out to our Project Management team and we can assist with your planning, design, construction and fit out needs. Our office is open during normal business hours so feel free to call on 1300292565 or email us –  We look forward to helping out.

We have acted, and will continue to act in accordance with our company values along with all government directives to minimise the impact of this virus;

‘We make things happen’; we are finding ways to overcome obstacles in supply, and pushing on hard with delivering projects for clients. Our policy of ensuring we have a Site Manager appointed to every project means that we have ‘boots on the ground’ and won’t be hampered by travel restrictions. Likewise the cameras on several sites and extensive use of zoom meetings and video calls allow our Project Managers to keep a close eye on how things are tracking.

‘No Hissy Fits’ – we will keep calm in these highly stressed times, and we will insist that we deal with clients and subcontractors problems in the same manner

‘We know what we’re doing’ – from the outset we have taken definite action in our office and on our sites, to minimise risk of infection, including;

  • Zero tolerance on attendance at site or head office, for anyone showing any symptoms, or at risk
  • Strict personal hygiene measures put in place
  • Eliminating any unnecessary travel to and from sites
  • Facilitating and encouraging work from home where possible; office roles will not be adversely affected even by a total shut down, so design and approvals and any possible project management work will continue regardless

‘We are a family business’ – we know that there will be tough times ahead, but we are absolutely determined to tough it out together. We take a personal interest in the prosperity of all our staff and stakeholders, and we will continue to do so throughout this current crisis

Cyclo Construction and Fitout has strong financial underpinnings, no company debt, and with owners having substantial assets we would like to assure our clients that we will be pushing hard on their projects throughout this process, and we will be here for you when we get through it.