In January, Cyclo have moved to our new purpose built premises. Definitely one of the most the most rewarding design and new build projects we have been involved in to date.

As part of the move process we made some adjustments to the fitout of our old premises for Microsolve who purchased the original building in 66 Auburn St, Wollongong. Microsolve work in the IT Consulting, infrastructure and project management industry. You can find out more about them from their website

Just so we don’t forget where we started we’ve included some images below. This is a perfect example where we were able to adjust an existing fitout to suit a new client from a different industry within a very reasonable budget and yet still achieve a fantastic result.

You can view pictures and more detailed information of our new premises in the project case study and please feel free to come and visit us if you’re in town.

Private upstairs offices

Cyclo old reception desk

Building façade

Our old feature stairs!