More than ever before, modern offices are being tailored to suit the specific needs of the business – and employees – that inhabit it. We now understand how a well-designed space can contribute to everything from increased productivity to improved employee morale. We also better appreciate the critical role good office construction plays in keeping staff healthy and safe.

This has made ergonomics an essential part of office design. These days, most of the Sydney office renovation projects we work on have some consideration of ergonomics involved. But what is ergonomic design and how can you incorporate these principles into your office construction?

What is ergonomics?

When talking about ergonomics, most people think about the design of individual fixtures or pieces of furniture. Some also picture the assessments many companies undertake to make sure workspaces are set up correctly for individual team members. However, ergonomic design principles can also be used to shape the whole office space.

Put simply, ergonomics relates to the design of anything people interact with. It is a scientific discipline that looks at how people engage with systems and how that engagement can be optimised. As such, ergonomics is a constantly evolving discipline that changes and grows with major technology innovations.

Ergonomics also has a particular focus on promoting health and wellbeing through good design. It considers the impact design decisions have on our bodies and how they can be minimised. It also looks at the long-term effects of certain designs and the best ways to prevent lasting damage.

Including ergonomic design principles in your Sydney office renovation

Maximising the ergonomics of your space begins during the design phase of your office construction. This allows you to make sure the entire space is optimised and that any special requirements are easily incorporated. It also means that any significant issues can be identified early and carefully managed.

If you are planning to renovate your Sydney office, we recommend considering the following key design features:

  • The overall use of the space: Your people should be able to move around your office space easily and comfortably. Their workspace should also be large enough for their daily tasks and have enough storage for their regular requirements. Your office design should also be uncluttered, efficiently and logically structured, and maximise the use of space.
  • Creating focus areas with specific purposes: To support peak performance, dedicated spaces should be created for key activities. This could include a mix of quiet, enclosed areas for focused work and open, less structured spaces that encourage collaboration. Any specialised spaces your business requires (e.g. server rooms, test facilities, etc.) should also be factored into your office construction.
  • The flow between different spaces: Once you have determined the different specialised spaces you require, you need to think about how these spaces interact. Try to avoid placing quiet areas next to highly active spaces to help minimise unnecessary distractions. Also, it is best to keep spaces that require privacy (like meeting rooms) away from high traffic areas.
  • Having sufficient lighting: Although often overlooked, lighting is a key design consideration and has a significant impact on the safety of the space. The right lighting can also help improve concentration and minimise long-term impacts on the eye health of your employees. When planning your Sydney office renovation, think about how each space will be used and design your lighting plan accordingly.
  • The location and design of the furniture: It’s important to select office furniture that suits the specific needs of your team. Adjustable furniture, like sit-and-stand desks, are great for this as they can be easily altered to suit different team members. Specialised products, like ergonomic chairs, are also worth considering as they support the body correctly and limit unnecessary strain.

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