Cyclo Group were engaged to design, construct and manage the approval process for a new Child Care Centre in Western Sydney. The whole process from concept to completion was achieved in less than 12 months which is remarkable considering the typical level and timing of Development Approvals which surround the Childcare industry.

Have you considered adequately what a lengthy design and approval process does add to your overall approval cost? While there is no substitute to thorough and careful planning to achieve the best outcome for your project – delays are likely to cost you the following:

  • Significant loss in potential sales.
  • Loss of market opportunity – in some cases resulting in project abandonment.
  • Historically building costs have continually increase – at times significantly faster than the CPI. Escalation of building costs could be a significant factor in any long term building project.
  • Increased consultant, design and approval costs.

Starting with Space Planning and Concept Designs for the initial lease negotiations and progressing the DA process with Acoustic, Traffic, Environment and Hazard reports, Cyclo kept the ball rolling right through to the Construction Certificate, provision of full construction drawings and compliance with ECECD, NCC and Australian Standards. Our client was able to complete accurate cash flow forecasts and secure funding before the project was even passed by council, because we could supply accurate fixed and firm quotations early in the process.

Internal fitout and construction included, partitioning, electrical, hydraulic, mechanical, floor coverings, security and joinery. External play areas also included synthetic grass, soft fall, sand pits, timber decking, acoustic ceiling, engineered safety glass wall and bollards.

The Cyclo ‘breakthrough thinking process’- offers the following key advantages to clients who wish to expedite their project execution:

  • Accurate project costing at every stage of design, meaning you don’t waste time with proposals that come in way over budget.
  • In house and associated consultants who know what is happening in the industry right now. You get the benefit of our experience.
  • The design and construction is managed in house. You have a seamless transition from the design to the construction phase which potentially saves months.
  • No matter what stage your project is at Cyclo would be keen to look at how we can assist.