Cyclo are just completing the design and fitout of for Illawarra Women’s Specialist Centre.  As in many cases the reception desk design was central to the success of the project and it was crucial to get the exact look we wanted for the client.  A key part of this was to create a large ‘L’ shaped reception desk which was perfectly seamless.

One catch is this building project was on Level 7 of an operating private hospital, with only a lift (which was too small) for access and if the desk was built in one piece there would be no way to get this on site.  When the designers refused to back down on this requirement our Construction Manager revisited the site and decided we could crane the desk onto a service balcony and manoeuvre the desk into the tenancy.

A perfect example of our Breakthrough Thinking in operation…. And staff upholding our company values – one of which is – we make things happen.

We do make things happen. We take projects from being a client’s dream to a completed reality. If we can’t get someone to do something, we will do it ourselves. If there’s some hard work involved, or a complex issue, or tight access, a challenging design or a low budget – we still make it happen.

You can view more details on the finished fitout of this clinic here.

View from the top!

View from the Wollongong Hospital.