At Cyclo, we love our after-lunch round of table tennis or 8 ball pool. The majority of office staff engage in the daily ritual of fiercely fought games, with every winning shot met with roars of approval or dismay. As we are actively involved in the design of some leading edge office fitouts, we have noticed a distinct trend towards providing space for these facilities in new fitouts. Some of the benefits may be obvious; – in today’s environment of rapid movement of personnel, staff retention becomes increasingly critical, and provision of these sort of office perks can make the small difference that keeps your staff on board. And we are all aware that the sedentary nature of office work needs to be broken up with regular movement for all sorts of health reasons. Dr Daniel Amen, who sits on the American board of Psychiatry and Neurology, has given us further reason; he reports that ping pong is an excellent workout for your brain, stimulating use of several parts, including I am told, the Basal Ganglia, Parietal Lobes and the Anterior Cingulate Gyrus. So if anyone questions whether you should be playing ping pong in work hours, you can assure them that your Basal Ganglia will be making up for lost time when you get back to work.