The use of three-dimensional rendered imaging offers some key advantages in the design process for a workplace construction, and fitout. The ability to provide 3D renders at all stages of the design should be a key prerequisite when you choose your designer.

3D images help you sell concepts to all decision makers in the design process. “A picture paints a thousand words”, applies perfectly to this situation. Typically, one person or group of persons in a business is tasked with coming up with a design. This needs to be communicated to other decision makers in the business – and a series of 3D images is the most practical way to achieve this.

3D images give a clearer perception of scale and space. This applies to everyone, however some persons in particular are unable to fully understand plan and section drawings. You should be aware that the ability to visualise something from a plan, or description varies significantly from person to person. The use of 3D images allows all staff members to give intelligent input.

3D images assist in a more efficient design process. Some companies only provide 3D images as a final presentation rather than a design tool. This is not a great approach if visual impact is an important part of the project, as this needs to be addressed up front, rather than at the last minute.

3D images assist in avoiding costly mistakes. Correct use of 3D images in the design stages, allows the user to visualise how their tasks will be conducted within the new space more accurately. Plans need to be scrutinised to ensure all elements meet the needs of staff and customers – and this can be difficult working with just plans and sections. A series of realistic images for each section of the fitout is a fantastic checking tool to ensure every detail has been covered in the design stage.

As well as provision of 3D rendered images, Cyclo is able to conduct personalised 3D Tours of your workplace fitout during the design process. We find that all clients appreciate this, and are able to make informed decisions, which in turn ensures full satisfaction with their finished project.

Below are some examples of 3D renders we created as part of our design process for clients and a corresponding photo showing their final fitout work.

Here we have an example of a reception area render and then an image showing the customers final choices.  This is for a veterinary practice in Hamilton, Victoria.

3D render of vet clinic in Hamilton, Victoria

Another example is of reception desk for MMJ Real-estate – with the second image showing the finished project.

MMJ reception design 3D render