This involved management of certification, design, extensive fire challenges due to creation of sub- tenancies within the area as well as management of the actual physical works. This commercial fitout project was held to a tight timeframe and on the 7th floor of an occupied building with limited lift access.

Incorporation of modern features such as trendy tiles and top level bathroom finishes create a real sense of luxury while retaining a friendly and comfortable atmosphere.

Shout out to Project Manager Darby Gage, and Site Manager Vlad for such a seamless, straightforward handover, while also ensuring the client was 100% happy with the end result;

“You have been instrumental in this amazing transformation and on time! Mammoth effort and I am super proud of you, your hard work, patience, incredible customer service and support for me. I hope your boss realises how lucky he is to have you. Your team lead by Vlad has been extraordinary implementing this and nothing has been too much trouble. Vlad’s ability to be flexible and his attention to detail is second none and I am very impressed by his skills and as a person. I cannot thank you all enough!”

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