City Medical Centre is a busy new practice in the Sydney region whose success is driven by a core of high personable and dedicated staff. This medical fitout is the product of a highly involved and caring team which Cyclo were proud to partner with in this project delivery. Cyclo were involved in this project from the feasibility stage and worked to put the management teams fantastic ideas for their perfect practice on to paper, through the approval process and deliver the actual product in line with our initial feasibility costs.

Many design ideas were provided by the owner – Dr Nirupam Gupta – and Cyclo were able assist in ensuring these ideas were practically deliverable in a cost effective manner. The colours and feel of the fit out integrate perfectly with the clients website and other branding ensuring patients are presented with cohesive and meaningful. We have witnessed his smiling patients on a number of occasions which are testimony to the effectiveness of his brand as a trip to the medical centre isn’t everyone’s favourite thing.

Cleverly sited to take advantage of passing traffic and convenient parking this project is poised for lasting success. As always we see the conclusion of our works onsite as the commencing of long life of practical, enjoyable and profitable use for our clients.

To see how well his fitout and website work together please check it for yourself:

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