The “Private” has been designed and built by Cyclo. This new concepts give an access point for patients and specialists in world class private hospital grounds.

At “The Private” the vision is create a “medical community” without the large start up fees and risks normally associated with starting a new practice in a new area. The space is designed to cater to a large range of medical consulting needs across a full range of specialities and works in a similar way to a co-working office.

The design called for some break through thinking to get the best result as the client wished to take advantage of the stunning Level 5 views for the waiting area which was not located adjacent to the logical entry point. Offering full and flexible access for an ever changing group of specialists was also key to the design.

Using corridors which widen towards the natural light and view helps to create a feeling of life and movement. This maximises leaseable space while ensuring the ‘busy’ end of the corridor has comfortable access for multiple parties accessing and leaving the suites.

Cyclo were engaged to perform all aspects of design, certification and building works for this medical fitout.

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