Graincorp have just renovated their Wagga offices. The project had been in the pipeline for a year or so and required significant amendments to the initial design to achieve the actual budget. Cyclo provided the breakthrough thinking to achieve this and ensure the finished commercial fitout was not a compromise, delivering a pleasant, comfortable and comfortable work place.

Being a country based business with clientele from the local primary industries it was important that the fitout remained connected to this and demonstrated that the business is in touch with customers and the local area.

Use of recycled timber from the original demolition was an ideal way to ensure the country feel showed through, while reducing costs as there was no material purchase for this section. With recycled timber often showing up more expensive than new timber in projects due to the handling and processing costs this was an ideal result for this office fitout.

Cyclo provided all design amendments, construction trades and furniture supply for this project.

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