Harcourts at Albion park has recently received a stunning makeover with Cyclo driving the design and construction process. Jerome Gage and the team there collaborated to arrive at an office design which was practical and efficient. This is a place where staff feel a little bit special to work, and clients feel valued and well treated.

Stone reception desks, maximum use of natural light, and timber planters with Mother-in-law’s Tongue, (Sansevieria trifasciata) and well appointed presentation room all contribute to this. On the working side there are private offices, an open plan area, training area for staff and the all important kitchen.

Cyclo managed the design, certification, compliance and the complete building works for this project. This complete process saves having to employ a designer, a certifier and separate builders. In many cases Cyclo also work with third party designers for specialised needs and we are very happy to do this.

You can visit the team at Harcourts here harcourts.net/au/office/shellharbour-city-albion-park

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