From the aesthetic to the purely practical, there are plenty of excellent reasons to renovate your office space. A productive modern office environment could be improved with the addition of open working spaces, breakout areas to work privately in, and flexible spaces for people to relax and refresh during their breaks. For employee health and wellbeing, abundant natural light and good ventilation is vital.

Whether you’re after a workspace that’s more productive, prioritises sustainability or simply keeps up with modern trends, it’s important to carefully consider your office renovation plans, budget and logistics – and to engage a commercial renovation partner who understands your needs. At Cyclo Group, we’re commercial construction experts, and we’ve put together the following guide to help you kickstart your office renovation.

Set your office renovation goals

Before you pick up the phone, open a browser or even start thinking about engaging a commercial renovation team, the first and most important step in your office renovation is to plan and set your goals. Consider what you hope to achieve from this renovation. Do you want a more efficient office space? Or have you identified that you need more meeting rooms? Do you have any safety issues that need addressing? Or would you like to use your fit-out to inject some branding into your office space?

Whatever your goals, keep them at the forefront of your planning, because they will help the commercial construction team you engage to understand and meet your needs.

Ask if you need an office rebuild or a revamp

You might look at your renovation goals and realise that they can be achieved without embarking on a major renovation project. If you find that the overall layout and structure of your office space isn’t the issue, you might find that smaller changes make all the difference.

If you’ve identified that you’d like your office space to be more modern, or more in line with your organisation’s branding, you might find that installing well-considered wall cladding or decorative elements like artwork and floor coverings achieves the desired effect. Similarly, if your goal is to optimise productivity, you could find that tactics like decluttering and installing more employee-friendly lighting do the trick. You might consider a bathroom makeover to address minor safety concerns.

These smaller steps can all make a substantial difference to the look, feel and functionality of your office space, but when your goals are not being met by such changes, you could require an office overhaul and more significant renovations.

Budget for your renovation project

Major renovation or minor, it’s important to consult with your commercial construction or fit-out team from the beginning to get a good understanding of the costs required to achieve your goals. If you have a specific number in mind, the company you work with should be able to give you a realistic idea of what can be achieved within that budget. It’s recommended that you add an additional 5 percent contingency amount to your budget to cover any unexpected expenses that may come up during the construction or fit-out process.

Keep in mind that with office renovations, like any large expense, quality should be prioritised over looking for the cheapest option, or you’ll end up spending more money in the long-term, fixing issues created by shoddy work or poor-quality materials.

Consider the logistics of your renovation

When planning your office renovation, always keep a key eye on logistics. If your office will need to be closed during the renovations, is there another location that staff can work from? Could they work from home? Consider how long the renovations will take, and if there’s a deadline that they must be completed by.

Probably the biggest logistical consideration is which external contractors you’ll need to engage to achieve your office renovation goals. At Cyclo, we cover all bases with design, construction and commercial fit-out expertise. Our understanding of building and construction laws means we can help you create your ideal office space while meeting all space and safety requirements. Whether we’re overcoming time restraints and access issues, as we did during our Housing Trust project, or are bringing a well-known brand to life with exquisite custom joinery, Cyclo are ready to bring your office renovation vision to life with our unparalleled design, construction and fit-out capabilities.

Get in touch to discuss your office renovation goals today.